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Greece - Bulgaria 2007-2013: 3rd Call for Strategic PRoject Proposals for Priority Axes 1 and 3

Ερευνητική Περιοχή: Απασχόληση ,Δημόσια Πολιτική ,Κοινωνική και οικονομική συνοχή και πολιτισμική ανάπτυξη ,Οικονομία ,Οικονομία - Επιχειρήσεις - Βιομηχανία - Τουρισμός ,Περιβάλλον ,Τοπική ανάπτυξη ,Υγεία
Δικαιούχοι: National, Regional or Local Public Authorities, Bodies governed by public law, Private organizations (under conditions)

Προθεσμία Υποβολής: 31/10/2012


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The present call for Strategic Project Proposals is open for the following Priority Axes and related Areas of Intervention (measures) of the Programme:

1. Quality of Life : protection of the environment and efficiency in the utilization of resources promotion of social inclusion and combating poverty

   1.1. Protection, Management & Promotion of the Environmental Resources 

   1.3. Cooperation and Networking in Health and Social Welfare Issues

3. Competitiveness & Human Resources: promotion of employment and labor mobility enhancement of the SMEs’ competitiveness

   3.1 Support and Valorisation of Human Resources – Support of Preparatory Actions in view of the Open Labour Market

   3.2 Encouragement of Entrepreneurship & Actions that Cope with the Restructuring of the Economy

At each proposal, a Lead Partner shall be designated, with the capacity to start the implementation of the project as quickly as possible, to maintain and further specify in detail the strategic, holistic and interdisciplinary, synthetic and synergy creating, character of the intervention, to exploit the immediate results of the intervention [in a way that this can (a) act as a demonstration project for future mainstreaming, (b) acquire a wider sectoral scope or territorial coverage], and to concentrate all available managerial, financing and know-how resources and focus them on the project.

Only applicants falling under category a (national or regional public authorities) are entitled to act as Lead Partners. In any other case, the project application shall be rejected.

Each applicant can participate as Lead Partner in no more than one project proposal per Priority Axis. If an applicant does not conform to the previous rule as explicitly stated above, all of its project applications will be rejected.


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